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“Experience Counts!”

Pam E. Avatar
Pam E.
5/03/2022 - Google

Kathy is a fantastic agent, professional, friendly and expert attention to detail!

brianmlaplant Avatar
4/26/2022 - Zillow

Kathy was great to work with. Her knowledge of the process made the sale of the house as low stress as possible. From day one, she made a plan, and followed through exactly as planned. I would absolutely use Kathy again for another sale.

Claire G. Avatar
Claire G.
4/06/2022 - Google

It was a pleasure working with Kathy. Our transaction was complicated due to the fact that we are not US citizens and the property was held in a trust fund. Kathy was able to navigate through all the required steps. If you have questions, she will reply quickly and help resolve any issues or concern you might have. We would not hesitate to use her services again.

Jacquie P. Avatar
Jacquie P.
12/07/2021 - Google

Kathy was exactly what I needed to sell property from out of state. Her organization, communication, and attention to all details was smooth and efficient. Her additional compassion and understanding was appreciated as some sales can be quite emotional. Thank you!

jkontaridis1 Avatar
12/04/2021 - Zillow

Kathy Damewood was such a wonderful person to work with. She listened to my concerns and helped me make the best decisions for my property. She discussed all my offers with me and was professional every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better realter to help me! Thank you so much Kathy!

Pam B. Avatar
Pam B.
11/22/2021 - Google

It was a pleasure working with Kathy and her team who helped set a great price for our property which sold within a few weeks.

Ted H. Avatar
Ted H.
10/24/2021 - Google

Kathy and her team did an excellent job in selling a lot for my 86 year old mother. Kathy, with a phone conversation, put my mom at ease with a clear and complete explanations of the process. With good communications along each step of the way, the transaction was swift, easy, and very satisfying. Very thankful for Kathy's work.

Gerry P. Avatar
Gerry P.
9/01/2021 - Google

It was a pleasure working with Kathy Damewood, RE/MAX ALLIANCE GROUP. Kathy Damewood is very knowledgeable and professional. Always updating the progress of my real estate transaction and so helpful. I would highly recommend her!

user44273672 Avatar
8/23/2021 - Zillow

Kathy Damewood, and her team from ReMax Alliance in Englewood, Florida are “the best of the best”. If you need a smart and efficient agent , Kathy Damewood is your choice!

Kathy and her team execute each step of the process with exact precision never “missing a beat”. Her team sets up the sale with
Professional photos, and videos, as well as accurate copy. Then they follow up each transaction with immediate paperwork without error. Kathy adapts to any unexpected circumstance and takes care of it. The seller is informed of every transaction as it happens.

After one initial meeting with me, Kathy was able sell my house in a matter of days. She was 100% prepared for that first meeting. My house was ready for sale in 6 days and Kathy
and her team, completed the sale, even the closing. That is remarkable!

As a recently widowed 85 year old woman, who needed to sell her house from 1,500 hundred miles away, I am forever indebted to Kathy and her team for their skill and precision. Thank you!

user3574056 Avatar
8/18/2021 - Zillow

Knowledgeable and very professional. Kept me informed from listing moment to the closing. Made recommendations that made sense. I would highly recommend her.

Julie T. Avatar
Julie T.
8/12/2021 - Google

We had a great experience purchasing land with Angie Moulton. Being an out of state buyer, we appreciated the help and connections she offered to make transaction seamless and used her negotiating skills to help us reschedule the closing to a more convenient date for us. Highly recommend Angie and the whole Kathy Damewood team.

Lindy C. Avatar
Lindy C.
7/29/2021 - Zillow

I inherited a lot I wanted to sell. Yet I live 1,000 miles away and know nothing about Florida real estate. A realtor friend recommended a Florida realtor who recommended Kathy Damewood. I was immediately impressed with Kathy’s depth of knowledge and her professionalism. She sold my lot on the first day it was listed, at three times the amount I expected!

Deb P. Avatar
Deb P.
6/14/2021 - Google

Peggy Laigle was terrific to work with. She went above and beyond to help us find a house and stuck with us when times got tough. I highly recommend her.

r Avatar
5/31/2021 - Google

Excellent working with Kathy, will do so again in the future!!!

Valerie T. Avatar
Valerie T.
5/16/2021 - Google

Kathy was very professional, very organized, very "matter a fact" and very pleasant to work with!!! We really enjoyed our experience working with Kathy and would definitely seek her out again if needed!!!